Sky Ward Air Virtual Execu Air Services

What is Execu Air Services?

Skyward Air Excu Air Services covers our private charter customers and executive business flights. As an Execu Air Pilot, you can fly any of our executive fleet, to any of our executive airports in the world.

Our Execu Air Fleet consists of smaller General Aviation aircrafts that we book connection and charter flight routes out of our hubs.

Our Execu Air Fleet consits of
  1. Pilatus PC-12
  2. Beechcraft 1900D
  3. Beechcraft F33A
  4. Cessna C340
Our Execu Air routes ar eshort haul routes consisting of 4-6 passengers per flight, flights are flown on IFR flight pla nroutes. Execu air Pilots receive higer pay because of the chartered and on demand flights required for our Execu Air Services.

Come and be one of our fellow pilots today in our "Execu Air Services famliy" at Sky Ward Air Virtual