About Us

Who We Are

We are a community of pilots who love to fly. While we fully understand the place for “ultra-realistic” virtual airlines that require check rides, pilot exams, strict adherence to defined schedules and aircraft assignments, we are not that type of VA. Turn on the computer, pick a flight, fly the flight plan, land well and file a PIREP; simple, fun, enjoyable.


Why Us?

With the hard work and dedication of the many individuals it takes to run and operate this virtual airline, we have over time proven ourselves to be one of the best virtual airlines in the world, and the best and most active virtual airline .

Active Pilots

We currently have 100+ active pilots, which consist of aviation enthusiasts, prospective future Skyward Air employees as well as 'real-world' current Skyward Air employees. We all share a common passion for the Qantas brand and an interest for flight simulation.

Pilot roster

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