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SkywardairVirtual Aims to provide real world flight simulation to it's pilots with top tier Professionalism. We look for your satisfaction, hence we are here with perseverance to give you all you need. Like the qoute "Aviation is proof that when given the will, we have the capacity to do the impossible"

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Our flight schedules and NOTAMS are always updated with the data provided at flightaware.net. PIREPS are added in the Virtual it makes more Realism.


Let it be with flying the Aircraft, or Evaluation of a Pilot Report, we push the boundaries by taking real world factors into account to make it maximum professional.


We believe we have one of the worlds most sophisticated PIREP and Flight Tracking system, it doesn't just stop there, our team's horizon keeps expanding into the end.

Skywardair VA. It’s easier than you think.

Start right now. Plan, File Your Route and Take your Flight .

Amazing Features & Options

You getting to know us is more important. Because nothing is more convincing than the "actual" factual information, which we are providing right from our Databases exclusively for you!

We are commited!

We have some of the most active and dedicated staff around, with updates being rolled out constantly, improvement and change is always occuring.

A vibrant community!

From our community, you will always find someone available to talk, share ideas, catch up on the latest in the flight simulation community from others in our tight nicked community.

A trusted software suite!

We use only the best software on the market. We are using some of the best software in the industry. TFDI's state of the art ACARS system makes flight tracking a breeze!

Fast Support

With a custom tailored system and dedicated staff available 24/7 for support,we provide an accelerated growth to your Virtual Airline Career.

The community, it's big!

We have a whooping number of active pilots who share the same dream. We provide a stable platform for budding friendships. Group flights, Gatherings, LAN-Parties and what not?

Our Acars

smartCARS system is a flight tracking software made for Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D, and X-Plane


An Awesome Virtual Airline for You!

Skyward air Virtual IN NUMBERS

Here are the Stats of our VA which keeps still active by our Pilots! .